Modern-day education serves it's purpose. That's exactly the problem.

December 2022

A lookback at the year in books.

November 2022

Are they real or a by-product or constant social media exposure?
A private space for us to converse and connect
Dear Readers, As I plan my writing schedule for Bravely Barefoot I find myself being drawn to various themes, however, I would like this space to take…
A follow up to my article with specific and practical steps to immunize your kids for the gender craze

August 2022

A conversation on how current society standards are failing boys and men and how we can bring them back while revigorating the notion of masculinity.

July 2022

How a noble cause was turned into a business where the commodities are babies.
Choosing how to make the best of the 4th of July weekend ahead.

June 2022

Insights into a widely successful temporary program and how Portugal can once more achieve outstanding results for students.
How teachers expectations shape students academic performance.
I turned 40 this year and compiled a list of lessons I've learned along the road.