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Please can you add and finish of this story:

"The school principal called the three teachers and told them, 'Because you are the best teachers and have the most experience, we will give you nineteen students with the highest IQ (IQ). You will be teaching them next year and we want to see how much they can learn . ”

Everyone was honored, both professors and students.

Over the next year both of them truly enjoyed themselves. Professors because they teach to the best students, students because they were satisfied with the great attention and instructions of the professor.

At the end of the experiment, students acquired 20-30 percent more knowledge than others at school.

Then the principal called the lecturers and told them: “I have something to confess to you. You didn’t have nineteen of the most intelligent students. They belong to the category of average students. We simply chose them from among others and gave them to you. ”

The lecturers replied: "This means that we are exclusive lecturers."

The director continued: “I have something else to tell you. You are not the best professors. Your names were first on the list. "

Then the professors asked, “What is the difference? Didn't those nineteen students achieve exclusive success in one year? ”

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Please, find the end of this experiment. I have lost.

Thank you very much,

Milovan Srbinoski, psychologist

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I agree how the teacher's expectations can affect their teaching as well as the response of their students. The more they expect from their students, the more motivated both the teacher and the students become.

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But, It must exists somewhere in USA !

Milovan Srbinoski, psychologist, Ohrid, Macedonia

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I have found this text in former Yugoslavia, when I was young. Probably it was traslated. But the and of text was cuted and I lost it.

Yes, that experience is very interesting. I want find the and long, long time, meny, meny years... And I am sad.

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It was an experiment, but I lost the end. So can you help me to find the end of this experiment?

Thank you very, very much.

Milovan Srbinoski, psychologist

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Hi Milovan, that is a fascinating experience, thank you for sharing it. I don’t know the name of the particular experience, if I do find it, I’ll let you know.

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