And a necessary reminder for parents to assume their role with their children and not let others dictate the messaging.

The immediate family should be the first to provide context especially to kids.

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"in Israel, the number of Jews killed is second to the Holocaust."

what does this statement mean? from 2008 to 2020, 6000 Palestinians were killed by israel. during this time, 250 isrealis were killed by palestianians.

however, these actions cant be considered equal. when Palestinians perform these actions they are in self defence after 55 years of living in an aparthide situation via white colonizers who value the land arabs have lived on for 1000s of years. israel including white people from US are performing a cynical ethnic cleansing of the native population. this is enabled due to the american form of democracy which values campaign contributions over all else.

even though i feel strongly that israel is the oppressor, i encourage my kids to keep an open mind and that both sides, including the US share in the blame for a difficult situation. our TV at home isnt connected to any network service and their not old enough to go on internet news, their cell phones are gabb. so theyre not exposed to it anyways.

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